The services we offer

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Here are the services that we offer. Contact us* with any questions that you may have.

We have migrated the entire EPRCI website to HTTPS, using proper SSL certificates provided by Let’s Encrypt. The EPRCI CA certificate and certificates signed using it have been eliminated. Please let us know if you encounter any certificate errors or other issues with the website. Thank you!

Privacy and security consulting

We offer consulting services covering a wide range of privacy and computer security issues. We can help you secure your computer from prying eyes. We can help you learn how to browse the Internet, download, and more, with absolute privacy and anonymity. If you’ve heard of technologies such as Tor, Freenet, I2P, public key encryption (PKI), the “dark” net, and so on, but don’t know how to get started using them, we can help!

As this is a highly customized service we offer, please contact us* about your needs for a price quote.

HTTPS webhosting – $10/month

Email-only hosting – $5/month

We accept U.S. dollars, bitcoins, and fine silver and gold.

All accounts include free email tech support.

Domain names must be purchased from third-party domain registrars.


We also do simple webdesign. If you need a more complicated website designed, such as using the Drupal content management system, we partner with Ron Helwig for such work.

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