Who we are

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EPRCI is an information technology services organization, specializing in security and privacy solutions, run by New Hampshire liberty activists, for other liberty activists. We offer webhosting, webdesign, privacy and computer security consulting, and other services. Set up originally to host the Manchester Free Press and Anarchy in Your Head, we’ve since expanded to hosting dozens of sites, mostly those of fellow liberty activists.

StopWe are no longer supporting or hosting new Drupal sites due to the bigoted, anti-freedom actions of Drupal project leaders Dries Buytaert and Megan Sanicki against developer Larry Garfield. EPRCI was founded by, and supports, those who believe in freedom, and we will neither support nor tolerate the kind of discrimination engaged in by Drupal leadership against anyone based on their sexual orientation or related philosophical beliefs.

More information about the situation inside the Drupal project can be found here:

Existing customer sites can of course remain, however we urge our customers—most of whom are fellow liberty activists—to join us in this boycott.

Drupal sites we administer ourselves are being ported over to another CMS or in some cases pure HTML.

How we serve our customers

We take our webhosting customers’ security and privacy very seriously.

We offer SSL-enabled (HTTPS) websites. Email sent and received through our mailserver is encrypted during transport, and we can help you set up PGP/GnuPG so your email is completely encrypted. We can disable IP address logging in our webserver for your site, or disable logging completely. You can pay us using bitcoin, cash, precious metals, and other forms of non-traceable currency.

We do not comply with Digital Millenium Copyright Act “take-down” requests until and unless all legal challenges have been exhausted. Unlike most service providers, we won’t simply roll over on the first complaint! Most DMCA complaints are autogenerated by bots run by the copyright cartels or their contractors, rife with errors and omissions, and therefore legally defective according to the actual DMCA statutes. Often they are outright fraudulent. We serve our customers, not the copyright cartels.

Any other legal demands such as warrants, subpoenas, and NSLs will be met with similar scrutiny, too. You’ve contacted us and you work for law enforcement? Come back with a warrant.

We can’t absolutely guarantee any of this—we try to do what we can to resist, but we have no control over what our upstream provider does, their upstream, and so on. The interconnected, hierarchical nature of the Internet makes this impossible. We can, however, point you to some projects that will provide you with even more privacy and security than we can provide, if that’s what you really need. And if you don’t know how to get started using these services, which do offer near-absolute online security and anonymity, we can help with that, too.


EPRCI was founded in 2007 by a voluntaryist and Free State Project participant who left Massachusetts in June of that year in response to Massachusetts enacting a coercive health insurance law (“RomneyCare”) that applied to residents. He created his first website in 1996, and has worked with Unix and Linux systems since 1999. From 2000 to 2008, he worked as a web application developer and system administrator for a major Massachusetts university, specializing in security and privacy.

EPRCI’s first server was named eleutheria.eprci.net, from the Greek word ἐλευθερία (eleuthería, IPA: [eleu̯tʰer'ia]) for liberty.

Our second server, brought online in June of 2011, was named azadi.eprci.net, from the Persian word آزادی (āzādī) for the same. This word is used in other Iranian Languages, including Luri, Pashto, Kurdish, and Baluchi, and is also used in languages such as Azeri, Hindi, Urdu, and Kashmiri.

In 2012, EPRCI’s mission expanded from secure webhosting, with a bit of security consulting on the side, to a much broader range of security and privacy services. In 2012, we also began accepting bitcoin.

In 2015, the entire EPRCI website was migrated to HTTPS, using SSL certificates provided by Let’s Encrypt.

Our third server, brought online in November of 2017, was simply left with the default name assigned by the datacenter, rm-2003-10.eprci.net.

Our current and fourth server, brought online in February of 2020, is also currently using its default name until a better one is chosen.

Ελευθερια ηδονη αταραξια.