Abuse complaints

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If you need to report or respond to claims of network abuse, you can email us at the standard RFC822 abuse addresses.

Abuse complaints

If you’re reporting spam originating from our server, please include the complete message, including all headers—we can’t do anything if we can’t prove it originated from our server by cross-checking the headers against our own information. If you’re reporting any other kind of abuse, please include as much information as possible, including date and time, originating IP address, customer domain or URL, or similar.

All DMCA take-down demands or similar legal threats will be scrutinized to the fullest extent before any action is taken. We will always verify that they originated from an actual responsible human being and not an automated process spewing half-baked demands based on faulty algorithms. We will always verify that all legally required information is included, and will either return or ignore legally defective notices.

Any other kinds of legal threats such as warrants, subpoenas, and NSLs, will be met with similar scrutiny. Any demands from law enforcement for information about our customers will be met with, “Come back with a warrant.”

We do not proactively coöperate with law enforcement under any circumstances.

Ban removal requests

If you’ve been directed here by clicking a link in a bounce message generated by our mailserver, that’s because our admins noticed that your server was generating an annoying amount of spam and duly banned it. Most of the “servers” that we ban are in fact hacked desktops spewing spam unbeknownst to their users, but occasionally we have to ban an actual ISP’s server or two.

If you wish to request that the ban be removed, please contact us as above in order to do so. Be sure to include the complete bounce message in your request, and please explain what steps you’ve taken to deal with the spammers using your server.

Please also include evidence that you’ve LARTed the offending user(s). Photographic evidence of said user’s head on a pike would be most preferable, but we understand that many admins live in so-called legal jurisdictions where such justice isn’t permitted, so we’ll settle for a simple statement that the user has been terminated as a customer of yours.

If your server has been banned a second time, come back in a year or two. Thanks.

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